Free Gratitude Journal Printable for Moms

One of the many ways we can practice gratitude is making it a habit to reflect and write down the things that we are grateful for–so the term gratitude journaling. As moms, we always find ourselves busy with a lot of things–from preparing our kids’ food to keeping the house tidy, not to mention homeschoolingContinue reading “Free Gratitude Journal Printable for Moms”

Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness to Improve Prenatal Well-Being

Practicing gratitude and mindfulness has immense benefits to a person’s well-being. Well, this is not just hearsay but a fact backed by science, and since pregnant mothers need to have optimal well-being, it is important for us to practice gratitude and mindfulness during this amazing yet critical period of our lives. What is Gratitude PracticingContinue reading “Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness to Improve Prenatal Well-Being”