30 Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations to Fight Negative Thoughts

What are Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations

Affirmations are positive, yet short, statements about a certain subject that we so purposely recite or read to instill them in our minds so that they become our real belief in the long run. Pregnancy and birth affirmations are simply just that: positive statements about pregnancy and birth that we instill in our minds so that they become our own belief.

Why Need Affirmations During Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy is quite a long journey not only full of excitement and joy but also of apprehension and fear. No matter whether you are a first-time mom or how-many-times mom, the joy of hearing your baby’s heartbeat or feel his movement in your belly is still the same in all pregnancies. However, the fear of the uncertainties during pregnancy and birth remains constant.

Yes, fear is there, especially when you have a previously traumatic birth experience, you don’t have enough support system, or you are not empowered because you were fed false beliefs about birth.

This is why we need positive pregnancy and birth affirmations. To feed our minds helpful and positive thoughts so strong that it makes us have a positive, stress-free, and empowered pregnancy and birth experience.

Positive affirmations don’t guarantee a normal, vaginal delivery. But they are proven to reduce stress and anxiety so that the pregnant or birthing mother has a relaxed and happy experience in this journey, and the result is that she has the confidence and energy to choose the right decisions when it comes to her health, her baby’s health, and her birth experience.

Positive pregnancy and birth affirmations, just like gratitude and mindfulness, rewire the brain and increase a pregnant mother’s self-worth, hope, and resilience in the future.

Tips in Making Positive Affirmations

  1. Make your own affirmations

While it’s good to pick up some ideas from others or over the web, you have to own your affirmations. Each of us is different and has her own struggles. Target your own fears because you alone can relate to it. For example, at some point of my pregnancy, I feel ugly due to the changes my body has undergone. I don’t want this idea to nag at me, and so to increase my self-esteem, one of my affirmations goes like this:

My body is beautiful, and it is doing amazing things right now.

2. Make your affirmations in the present tense

Yes, it’s not in the future but now. By doing so, you are opening your mind, claiming these positive ideas to be yours right now. At this moment.

3. Write your affirmations in your journal and have them anywhere you’d be looking most of the time.

Putting them in your journal means every time you do your quiet time, you are able to see them, too. When you print or write them down in cards and place them in the mirror, cabinet, fridge, or car, you are reminded of them. The more you see them, the more they are instilled in your mind.

4. Make it a habit to read your affirmations. Set a time.

The best way to be sure that you have the time to use your affirmations is to schedule it. Set a time every day. Maybe in the morning during your quiet time? Before sleeping? It’s up to you.

Samples of Positive Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations

These are the positive pregnancy and birth affirmations that I repeat every day. Feel free to grab them if they resonate with you:

  1. I am chosen to carry and birth my my baby.
  2. I feel well-loved and supported during this important, delicate time.
  3. I am strong and capable of this pregnancy.
  4. My body is beautiful, and it is doing amazing things right now.
  5. My body knows how to nurture my baby.
  6. My baby is loved inside me.
  7. My baby senses my happiness and positivity.
  8. I am excited to see my baby, so is he.
  9. I choose to eat healthy foods for my baby and me.
  10. I choose to rest and sleep well.
  11. I choose to drink 2.5-3 L of water every day.
  12. I choose to practice gratitude and mindfulness for our well-being.
  13. I choose to be grateful in any circumstance I am in.
  14. I trust that my baby will come out when he is ready.
  15. I trust that my baby knows what to do when he is ready.
  16. My body knows how to breathe out my baby.
  17. When it’s time, I trust that my pelvis will adjust to allow my baby’s head to pass through.
  18. I trust that my cervix will soften and dilate at the right time.
  19. My baby knows the right position to come out.
  20. I know how to birth my baby naturally.
  21. I love being a mother of three.
  22. I am open to receive all the support my family and I need during this time.
  23. God is in control of my situation.
  24. I trust that God will send the right people to help me achieve a natural, normal, and safe birthing experience.
  25. I choose to be godly because I know God listens when I call to Him.
  26. I lie in peace and sleep well every night because the Lord makes us safe.
  27. Every wave of contraction brings me closer to holding my baby.
  28. Birth is a natural and joyous event.
  29. I welcome every surge of pressure that comes during labor.
  30. I am comfortable, safe, and empowered during the birth of my baby.

Now ready to make yours?

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