Free Gratitude Journal Printable for Moms

Free Gratitude Journal Printable for Moms

One of the many ways we can practice gratitude is making it a habit to reflect and write down the things that we are grateful for–so the term gratitude journaling.

As moms, we always find ourselves busy with a lot of things–from preparing our kids’ food to keeping the house tidy, not to mention homeschooling and all the extra activities we commit ourselves to.

Too often, self-care comes last because most of the time, we think self-care is expensive and takes much time.

We think it’s just the mani-pedi, massage, spa, shopping, and meet-up with mom friends. Sure we love all of the above!

But did you know that keeping a gratitude journal is a form of self-care, too?

You bet!

What is Gratitude

Gratitude, according to Robert Emmons, has two components: an affirmation of goodness–we affirm that we receive good things; and recognizing that the source of these good things is outside ourselves.

Basically, gratitude is appreciating the good things that come into our life. It’s a feeling that happens spontaneously. When we miss an accident, for example, we feel thankful instantly that we are saved from harm.

Gratitude is an emotional response.

However, gratitude is also a choice we make every day. We can choose to be grateful–or not.

But why won’t we do something that is sooo good? Won’t you practice gratitude when you know that doing so brings a lot of benefits?

In our previous post, Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness to Improve Prenatal Well-Being, we laid the science-backed benefits of gratitude. Aside from being a natural antidepressant, it promotes our overall well-being, and that’s not only for pregnant women, okay?

The benefits are for everyone who practices gratitude.

This really amazes me. You know why?

It points us to God. There are so many verses in the Bible that remind us to give thanks to God, and my favorite is found in I Thessalonians 5:18.

In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

As I read this, I feel the warmth of grace God has for us. It’s a specific instruction for what our lifestyle should be given to us some 2000 years ago. Now in modern times, science supports gratitude proving its benefits to our well-being.

In the Bible, though, our gratitude is geared towards God through our faith in Christ Jesus. I think that’s an important thing that we shouldn’t miss.

What is Gratitude Journaling

When we were younger, we used to keep a diary, our secret and safe place where we write down our thoughts and problems freely without fear of judgment. By writing down, we understood our feelings and thoughts clearly.

That is basically journaling, and it’s a therapeutic tool, especially to achieve mental health.

Journaling helps relieve stress and manage anxiety.

There are several types of journaling, and gratitude journaling is one of them.

In keeping a gratitude journal, we set a time every day as part of our routine to pause and reflect on the things that we are grateful for. We write at least three things on our gratitude list. Doing this habit rewires our brain to focus on the positive things in life and makes us more resilient when negative situations arise in the future.

The Free Gratitude Journal Printable for Moms

What we have here is an 8×11 PDF file of a pastel-colored gratitude journal. It consists of the following:

  • front and back covers
  • 30 gratitude prompts
  • 31 daily blank spaces for your journal entry
  • Bible verses to remind you to be grateful
  • gratitude quotes from famous people
  • total of 22 pages

Get your FREE COPY now!

Free Gratitude Journal Printable for Moms

4 thoughts on “Free Gratitude Journal Printable for Moms

  1. I used to own a journal before but after I downloaded an app called notion I switched to digital. I love how you design your printables, so clean, organize and easy to read. keep it up


  2. This is awesome! I just signed up to get emailed with the free printouts. Thanks so much for sharing this resource!


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