Facebook Groups Based in the Philippines that Support Pinay VBAC Mothers

When you are pregnant again and previously had a cesarean section, you have the option of giving birth vaginally instead of scheduling a repeat cesarean section. With information just a click away, more CS mothers have opened their eyes to the possibility of having a VBAC or vaginal birth after cesarean and there is indeed a growing number of successful VBAC cases–debunking the myth “Once a CS, always a CS.”

Still, however, CS mothers who aim for VBAC lack the support they need from their own community.

The advantage, though, of this IT age is that we can get the support we need online. In this article, I have compiled the Facebook groups based in the Philippines that support Pinay VBAC mothers.

Benefits of Philippine-Based Facebook Support Groups for Pinay VBAC Mothers

Almost all people with Android or iOS phones have Facebook installed, and because during these times of Covid-19 people stay at home most of the time, we stay in social media for updates, entertainment, and connection with others.

So to have our very own support group through Facebook is totally helpful for VBAC mothers. Through this, we reach out to others for our concerns and questions, and we help others by sharing our experiences as well.

A VBAC-advocate Facebook support group is a community of VBAC aspirant and VBAC mothers as well as professionals that include OB-GYNs, midwives, and doulas. Members of the group share their VBAC stories while others ask for suggestions about VBAC advocate OB GYNs, hospitals, or lying-ins. Professionals in the field who are members of these support groups answer questions and give encouragement to the mothers.

These FB groups are really a community of women that help each other achieve VBAC.

The advantage also of having a Philippine-based FB group is that we share almost the same concerns because we have the same culture and healthcare system that addresses our concern. We relate to each other especially those of us in the provinces who don’t have VBAC advocate OB-GYNs.

2 Facebook Groups Based in the Philippines that Support Pinay VBAC Mothers

VBAC – Philippines

VBAC-Philippines deserves the first spot because this is the Facebook group that is dedicated to VBAC mothers alone. As a mom aiming for VBA2C or vaginal birth after 2 cesareans, I found this FB group helpful in answering my questions and concerns about VBA2C. Birth professionals who are part of this group are generous with their time and knowledge in answering our concerns. It has 2.7K members as of this writing.

Gentle Birth in the Philippines

Gentle Birth in the Philippines generally provides information and support not only to mother aiming for VBAC but also to all mothers aiming for a gentle birth. It has 15.2K members already and still growing. Mothers sharing their gentle, natural birth experience are very encouraging and empowering.

Limitations of an Online Support Group

While having a support group is important, consulting a professional is also necessary especially when you have specific concerns that only a professional can take care of.

For example, only an OB-GYN can interpret your laboratory results and prescribe medications to treat pregnancy complications such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes (GDM).

Are you a VBAC aspiring mom? Join the support groups by clicking the links above!

4 thoughts on “Facebook Groups Based in the Philippines that Support Pinay VBAC Mothers

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I gave birth to my daughter ba cs and I always have this perception that My next pregnancy will also be cs. I felt relieved na may ganitong group


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am a CS mom and would love to give birth the natural way on my second child. I can learn a lot from this groups. I also believe its possible because I had a lot of friends did it.


  3. Having a social support even online is important, especially in the Philippines where having your own doctor is expensive. We all should look after one another.


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