Free Printable Newborn Essentials Checklist for Expectant Moms

Are you an expectant mom? Whether it’s your first time or third time, creating a newborn essentials checklist is important so that you won’t miss a thing for your precious one when he or she arrives.

Where to Get Newborn Essentials

With the advent of online shopping, it’s now easier to prepare the stuff your baby needs.

Due to the pandemic, most people nowadays prefer to shop online than go to physical shops, and moms are not exempted. With just a scroll and clicks on online shopping platforms such as Shopee and Lazada, you can compare prices and reviews to choose the best items in terms of quality and price.

The downside of online shopping is that products can be damaged due to shipping.

You can always go to physical shops so that you, yourself, can check the quality of the items you’ll buy. Thrift stores are also worth the visit. Just make sure that when you visit physical shops, you observe physical distancing and practice measures to prevent contracting Covid-19.

However, you don’t need to buy everything in the list. If you have friends or family who will give you hand-me-downs as long as they are still good to use, then you’re saved from a chunk of expenses. You can also offer to pay them for their preloved stuff, if they prefer to.

Newborn Essentials Checklist

I’m a third time mom but because it took 6 years for me to get pregnant with my third since I gave birth with my second, most of my kids’ stuff were already given away. Now it feels like I’m back to square one, only that I know what essentials to have already.

Sharing with you this newborn essentials checklist for expectant moms, and as a bonus, you can get this free printable. Just download here!

Bathing and Grooming

bath tub
nail clippers
cotton buds
baby towels
baby wash
baby shampoo
wash cloths

Nursery / Our Bedroom

baby stuff organizer / closet
hamper for baby clothes
emergency fan and light
air purifier


swaddling blankets
baby bedding set


nursing pillow

Baby Clothes

baby socks
scratch mittens
long and short sleeve onesies
newborn hats
3 dress-up outfits
8 casual outfits
baby shoes
baby detergent


cloth diapers – 30 pcs
inserts – 30 pcs
diaper caddy organizer

Baby Medicine Cabinet

organic diaper rash cream
organic insect bite ointment or cream
suction bulb/nasal aspirator
medicine dropper
paracetamol drops
digital thermometer
Kool fever


diaper bag
nursing pads
nursing cover

If you haven’t created your newborn essentials checklist yet, maybe this one can help you. This is a frugal and practical list that I am using in preparing for my third baby.

Things to Consider in Making Your Own Newborn Essentials Checklist

Not all stuff sold in a baby store is essential.

Always ask yourself if the baby needs this or not because just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it is essential.

Consider the following things when making your own list:

  1. Get stuff that will protect baby’s health and keep him comfortable
  2. Get stuff that baby can use for an extended period of time
  3. Get stuff that can be hand down to the next baby in the family especially if you are planning to get pregnant again

Preparing for the new baby’s arrival is an exciting part of pregnancy; however, you need to be wise in spending, too.

Head on this link to have your very own newborn essential checklist now.

One thought on “Free Printable Newborn Essentials Checklist for Expectant Moms

  1. Wow, ayos itong newborn essentials checklist ah yung nga lang medyo matagal pa siguro bago ko magagamit ito. But ‘ll share this checklist sa pinsan at friend ko na buntis ngayon. 😉


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